5 Parking Lot Repairs that Will Retain Customers

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Believe it or not, your parking lot is a huge factor for your business’s bottom line and it happens to be one of the first impressions your customers have of your business. If your parking lot is inaccessible, unsafe, and not ADA compliant, your customers will think twice about going into your business. Upgrading and repairing your parking lot is a necessary investment for your business to improve foot and car traffic. Parking lots are an ongoing task that should be routinely reviewed and repaired. Here are a few ways parking lot repairs can improve your customers’ experience and increase your bottom line.

Crazy Congestion

A busy parking lot is a dreadful sight for most customers when entering a business park or commercial plaza. Congestion causes customer frustration and gives them a negative impression of your business before they even step foot through the door. Traffic patterns in your parking lot should flow to minimize accidents and avoid possible lawsuits from guests who are injured on your property. With a poorly designed parking lot, you risk the chance of customers turning away from your business because parking is too much of a hassle. 

Ensure your parking lot is set up to give your customers a pleasant experience from the first moment they arrive on your property. A parking lot should have enough spaces for the amount of traffic your business receives while also having ample walkways for pedestrians.  

Inconvenient Parking Spaces

Parking spaces that are too tight, difficult to park in, and far from the entrance of your business can keep customers from coming back. Your parking lot should have enough space for larger cars to park comfortably and safely. Avoid accidents and customer disputes over parking, and consider reconstructing your parking lot to offer more functional parking. Reconstructing your parking lot also allows for the opportunity to have necessary repairs to the drainage system. A huge problem with parking lots in Florida is that they are not equipped to handle Florida’s tendency of inclement weather. Parking lots become inconvenient to customers and employees when there is severe weather. 

Reconstruct your parking lot to fix small and inconvenient parking spaces by redesigning the layout to better fit the size and shape of your lot. Southern Asphalt Engineering are experts in redesigning parking lots to help maximize lot capacity while also maintaining wide parking spaces and adequate walkway for pedestrians.

ADA Compliant

ADA compliance is no joke. Survey your lot and make sure there are enough handicap spaces close to the entrance of your business and accessibility entrances. If your parking lot doesn’t have designated handicap spaces, the proper signage, and accessibility features, you can incur severe fines for not following ADA guidelines. 

Southern Asphalt Engineering can help bring your parking lot up to ADA compliance standards making your business accessible and safe for everyone. 

Asphalt Pavement 

The pavement on your parking lot is the first thing your customers notice when driving into your property. If customers drive on bumpy, cracked, and uneven asphalt, they will start to form a negative opinion of your business. Imperfect pavement leads to customer frustration and can even damage your customers’ car and tires in the process. Asphalt that has been neglected can hurt your business’s overall image.

Show your customers that you care by regularly maintaining your asphalt with sealcoating and minor repairs when your asphalt starts to show wear and tear. Earn your customers’ trust and business by making sure your property is well maintained. Smooth asphalt and walkways with no cracks show your customers you value quality and attention to detail. 

Concrete curb and gutter

Florida is known for its intense thunderstorms and downpours, so your parking lot needs to be prepared to handle this intense weather. Proper concrete curbs and gutters can help make sure your property doesn’t flood and is easy for customers to access after a rainstorm. Always check that your drainage system is working correctly after a rainstorm. At the first site of flooding, call an expert to check out the issue and perform any necessary repairs. Flooded parking lots are a massive deterrent for customers and can be a huge safety issue for your guests and employers.

Don’t neglect your parking lot because these minor repairs can make a difference in winning or losing a transaction. Make sure to regularly check that your parking lot is in good shape and take care of necessary repairs before they spiral into a bigger problem. When looking for asphalt contractors, make sure you only work with licensed professionals who can guarantee quality results. With over 20 years of experience, Southern Asphalt Engineering has the expertise to upgrade your parking lot, so it looks professional and meets ADA compliance standards. 

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