Steel Bollards

While most people have seen steel bollards before, very few are aware of their many uses. Steel bollards are heavy-duty, concrete-filled posts that are installed in commercial or municipal areas. They are spaced out in a way that allows pedestrian traffic but blocks vehicles. Once the bollards have been filled with concrete, they can be painted or covered with a decorative sleeve for night time visibility. They are designed to be very heavy so that in the case that it’s hit by a car, it’ll hold up against the impact.

What Steel Bollards are Used for

Steel bollards are commonly seen in places with heavy pedestrian traffic, such as downtown walkways, college campuses, and civic centers. Because they are low to the ground and spaced out, they provide a minimalistic way to protect pedestrians from cars.

Another use of steel bollards is to protect transformers, fire hydrants, or electric meter boxes. These things can be hazardous if hit by a vehicle, and so bollards are an effective way to protect them. The spaced out design of steel bollards allow a mechanic or firefighter to access the meter box or fire hydrant if necessary, without allowing a car to get through.

Finally, the last way steel bollards are used is to protect a building. While rare, it’s possible for a car to lose control on a roadway or parking lot and collide with a building. Business owners may choose to install steel bollards to prevent damage from this type of accident.

Why Choose Southern Asphalt Engineering for Your Steel Bollards Installation

If you own a business or manage a residential or municipal property in the Miami-Dade or Broward County areas, you should consider using Southern Asphalt Engineering to install your steel bollards. You can select from a variety of bollard sizes, colors and shapes that will best suit your property.

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