Commercial and Retail Asphalt Services

Retail and Commercial centers see a ton of traffic daily, and with that comes the wear and tear of parking lots and roadways. You want your consumers to have no problem navigating your business, so take time to analyze your property’s overlooked areas. Many different factors can keep customers from coming back to your establishment, so let the experts at Southern Asphalt Engineering take care of your asphalt so you can take care of your customers. Southern Asphalt Engineering specializes in commercial asphalt services.

Why Commercial and Retail Facilities Need Asphalt Services

Retail and commercial properties are similar because they are high traffic areas with many different maintenance needs so a business can function seamlessly. Parking lots are large areas that, if not properly constructed or maintained, can cause a lot of hassle for businesses and their consumers. A review of your parking lot can tell how the layout or condition affects your traffic patterns and your customers’ safety.

The condition of pavement can make a massive difference for commercial and retail properties. Asphalt free of cracks and impurities helps eliminate accidents, but it also gives your business a more professional appeal. Routine commercial asphalt maintenance is necessary for these establishments because it helps the longevity of your asphalt so that complete restorations will be minimal.

Complete restoration for these properties can be a hassle because they take longer, making it difficult to continue business operations uninterrupted. However, if complete asphalt renovation is necessary Southern Asphalt Engineering has the expertise to handle these projects on timely schedules that will allow minimal closure for your business or none at all. Your retail center or commercial building needs to be open seven days a week, so trust us with your asphalt services because we can get you the results you need on a timeline that works around your schedule.

Southern Asphalt Engineering is all about safety and customer satisfaction, and we know how high-quality asphalt services can make a significant difference for your business. The safety of your parking lot can be affected by many features like the striping layout and even proper water drainage. This may seem minimal, but without these aspects of your property in working order, you can have serious consequences.

Dangers of Poor Asphalt Paving Maintenance

Poor maintenance doesn’t just mean the condition of your pavement but every aspect of your parking lot or property like curbs and other construction features. When customers first pull up to your business, they can see and feel any cracks or potholes in the road. This affects how a customer perceives your business, and it can also impact their safety. Extreme potholes and cracks can cause customer accidents or damage to their cars. A way to minimize this risk is to have potholes patched up and, if necessary complete reconstruction of your asphalt.

Once you have a solid asphalt foundation, you need to consider the proper parking lot roadway striping. These are marks on your roads or parking lots that signal the flow of traffic and set up your parking lot’s structure. These can cause an issue for your establishment if they begin to fade because the improper direction of traffic or parking guidelines can cause serious collisions. On top of this, your parking lot needs to be ADA compliant to avoid fines and claims against your business. Southern Asphalt Engineering makes sure that all of their projects are done with ADA compliance.

Asphalt Paving Services for Commercial and Retail

Parking Lot Reconstruction

Customers can grow impatient if your parking lot is difficult to navigate with heavy traffic and insufficient parking spaces for your visitors. In some cases, asphalt resurfacing, full parking lot reconstruction and reconfiguration can improve your business drastically. A new parking lot configuration can open up more parking spaces and provide a smooth flow of traffic. This will give your customers a pleasant experience they expect. This process can take longer to complete and may be more costly, but a new parking lot will be more cost-effective because it is safer and requires fewer repairs.


Concrete curbing is essential in all parking lots because it serves as a guide for your traffic areas and can define property lines. Maintaining curbing can also give your property a clean appearance that will continuously attract customers to your business. Curbing may seem minimal, but it can have significant effects on your property.


Striping is imperative in parking lots because it serves to direct traffic and maintain the flow of cars moving. Striping is easy to maintain, so it is cost-effective if it is constant maintenance. Exposure to harsh weather and continuous traffic wears away at the paint. Most parking lots need a face-lift every two years to keep them looking at their professional best. This may seem like a small repair, but if striping fades, parking can become a serious safety hazard and an inconvenience to your customers.

Asphalt Maintenance 

We at Southern Asphalt Engineering Inc. specialize in asphalt maintenance and restoration. Asphalt Patching is a critical step for proper asphalt maintenance and repair because it minimizes cracks, holes, and uneven pavement. Southern Asphalt Engineering uses asphalt patching to protect asphalt surfaces such as parking lots and roadways. Asphalt patching can extend the life of your asphalt surface so you can have the peace of mind that your parking lot is safe.

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Partner with an Experienced Asphalt Provider

At Southern Asphalt Engineering, we have worked on various commercial and retail projects and understand your time constraints and budgetary needs. We specialize in complete asphalt roadway and parking lot pavement restoration, sealcoating, concrete curbing sidewalks and walkways, and a variety of parking lot services as well as maintenance services all throughout Broward County and Miami-Dade. With all services, we use reliable and high-quality equipment to provide seamless results that customers can trust. We strive to create long-term maintenance strategies that meet each client’s needs and protect their paving investments.

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