Asphalt Milling and Resurfacing

Roadways and parking lots in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties endure harsh elements and heavy traffic daily. The durability of asphalt surfaces is directly affected by your contractor’s installation techniques and materials. In addition, asphalt must be properly maintained over time to optimize its condition and durability. For the installation, maintenance, and reconstruction of asphalt in the local area, Southern Asphalt Engineering will get the job done right and with optimal efficiency.

Types of Resurfacing

Asphalt is an affordable and hard-wearing material well-suited for roadways and parking lots in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. When asphalt is damaged or shows signs of deterioration, however, it can negatively impact road noise, water drainage, and the safe driving experiences of motorists. Two primary methods to improve the asphalt condition are asphalt reconstruction and milling with resurfacing.

Asphalt Reconstruction

Asphalt reconstruction involves removing the upper and lower layers of the damaged areas and replacing them with new materials. When the damaged areas are small, patching may suffice. For larger areas, asphalt reconstruction is necessary. The asphalt reconstruction process includes milling, asphalt removal, and installing new asphalt.

Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling is done with the use of a milling machine. As the milling machine rolls over the surface of the old asphalt, it grinds the top layer up so that it can be removed. This process can strip away damaged areas and level the asphalt. After the milling process is completed, the surface will be rough. A coating is applied to the rough surface, and new asphalt is laid and smoothed.

Asphalt Removal

The milling process produces small chunks of asphalt that the machine has ground up. This asphalt is no longer part of the roadway or parking lot; it can be recycled for future use. After asphalt removal, the millings are transported via truck to a facility to be cleaned and prepped for recycling. The milled asphalt chunks are commonly used to create new roads and parking lots. Through the asphalt removal and recycling process, we can maximize the use of materials and prevent waste.

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Milling is removing the uppermost layer of asphalt with a high-powered milling machine. This machine uses carbide cutters to strip away the asphalt, and another vehicle collects the millings. The process is used when asphalt is damaged and needs to be resurfaced/

The millings are produced through milling, and these small chunks of asphalt can be recycled and used on other projects. They are durable, making them a great material to use for a driveway. However, they should be densely compacted during the installation process. Our company makes full use of recycled materials.

Asphalt millings are superior to gravel in several key areas. For example, they are more durable and do not produce dust when driven on.

Asphalt milling is an essential step in the restoration of an existing area. It is recommended when the top layer of asphalt needs to be leveled or improved. It is also recommended when the uppermost surface of the paved area is deformed or deteriorated.

Asphalt should be restored or reconstructed when it is significantly damaged. This is because everything from the safety of motorists to increased road noise and water drainage issues can result from damaged or poor-quality asphalt surfaces.

What is the difference between asphalt patching and asphalt resurfacing?

Asphalt patching is suitable for repairing minor cracks and potholes in asphalt. It is used when the surrounding areas of the asphalt are in good condition. Asphalt resurfacing involves stripping away the top surface of a large area through the milling process and laying new asphalt.

After milling and asphalt removal, a tack coat is installed on the exposed surface. This allows the new surface to adhere correctly to the existing surface. Then, the new material is applied evenly, smoothed over, and painted with unique markings.

Our company will initially inspect the site before preparing a competitive bid for the recommended services. If subcontractors are needed, we will line them up to ensure that the project can be executed quickly and to your standards.

Our estimate includes the size of the work area, the timeline, and the price of materials.

Reconstruction involves removing all layers of the surface and installing new layers. Asphalt resurfacing keeps the base layer in place and only replaces the top asphalt layer.

The two most common signs that indicate the need for asphalt reconstruction are standing water on the surface after it rains and interconnecting cracks.

When high-quality asphalt is used and properly maintained, it may function well for 25 years.

This type of project will deliver results for between eight and 15 years.

Reconstructed asphalt has a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years.

Southern Asphalt Engineering is licensed and insured, and we have worked in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties for several decades.

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