Road Signs and Accessories

Asphalt paving services are usually provided by a contractor charged with all the required accessory projects. These include the installation of any curbs, painting of road stripes, and the erecting of traffic signs. Quite often, paving companies have to subcontract a specialist to complete these vital parts (Road Signs and Accessories) of the construction project.

Southern Asphalt Engineering is unique in that we provide complete signage installation for road construction and parking lot projects in Miami and Broward County areas. Our field operators are experts in the placement and fixing of all types of approved traffic signage. These include any traffic signs that are required by law for a particular neighborhood, whether commercially or residentially zoned.

Regulatory And Warning Signs

These signs are required for placement in certain areas and at specific intervals on some roadways. When a paving project is underway, any signs that are to be placed on the shoulder of the road are specially highlighted on the construction plan. These can include speed limits, triangular warning signs, one-way traffic signs, bike path instructions, and speed bump notifications.

Because these signs are placed near the traffic lanes, it is up to the paving company to make certain that their installation is completed in accordance with local regulations. The signs must be of a certain height, minimum size, and fixed to a pole that is itself in height compliance with zoning laws. Southern Asphalt Engineering is staffed with construction managers who have years of experience in the proper installation of mandatory traffic signage.

Customized Signs For Informational Purposes

Many privately owned properties require special signage placed on or near a roadway or parking lot area. These signs can be traffic or navigational in design. The intent is to inform motorists about nearby venues, tell them where to park, or show them where an entrance to a building is located. These signs usually have white lettering on a blue or green background and are placed near the shoulder of the roadway or adjacent to a parking lot entrance.

We specialize in the installation of custom-designed informatory signs in commercial settings. We install these signs in city parks, library parking lots, hospital parking areas, and municipal building entrance lanes. Wherever there is a need for signs to direct motorists, Southern Asphalt Engineering will install the proper signage as part of our superior paving and striping work.

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We install specialty signs for just about any required job. Whether you need building entrance markers, Do Not Park signs, Tow Away Zone signs, speed limit or stop signs, or triangular warning signs, our company is equipped with the materials and know-how to complete the job to your satisfaction. We offer accurate price quotes and encourage interested parties to fill out the customer service form to generate a cost estimate for the specified project. We guarantee satisfaction and stand by our installation work with a money-back promise as well as limited warranty coverage.

Road Signs FAQs

Traffic signs last around 10 years depending on the weather conditions the signs are susceptible to.

If you don’t have the proper signs to regulate traffic this can lead to accidents and serious fines for your business.

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