Asphalt Overlay

Steps Involved in Applying an Asphalt Overlay

The goal of an asphalt overlay is to place new asphalt on top of existing asphalt pavement. Most overlays begin with milling. That is, we at Southern Asphalt Engineering Inc. often use an asphaltic mill to remove the outer layer of an asphalt surface. This first step allows us to integrate the new asphalt with the old asphalt, curb, gutter, and sidewalks. We remove any area that cannot be accessed by the asphaltic mill.

Base patching involves removing and replacing areas that are in poor condition. After this removal, we use a street sweeper to prepare the surface and apply a tack coat adhesive. Following these preparations allows us to apply the first layer of asphalt. We refer to this first layer as the “leveling course” and helps repair areas of existing asphalt. For example, areas in need of repair often suffer from problems such as drainage issues. Finally, after successfully applying the leveling course, we can

Thickness of an Asphalt Overlay

The thickness of the leveling course will vary because existing surfaces differ in shape and depth. There are a couple of variables that determine this thickness. The biggest factor is the condition of the existing asphalt. That is, the more damaged an existing asphalt surface is, the thicker the overlay will be. We refer to unusually thick overlays as “structural overlays.”

The second major factor is the existing asphalt’s drainage. That is, flat grades and slow drainage requires us to place a thicker amount of asphalt at the initial decline.

Southern Asphalt Engineering Inc.

Southern Asphalt Engineering Inc. employs expert asphalt and paving contractors to meet every client’s asphalt service needs throughout Miami, Fl. For example, our services can touch up the surface of paving and can handle traffic striping and car stops.

We work with all types of asphalt paving and pavement projects in Broward County and Miami-Dade. Such pavements include parking lots, bike paths and jogging trails. In addition, we apply asphalt overlay to other types of pavements. These other types include industrial, commercial and private pavement surfaces.

How Asphalt Overlays Can Help You

Southern Asphalt Engineering Inc. helps you avoid the need to fully reconstruct entire areas. Asphalt overlays tend to cost less than full reconstruction. We respect your time and guarantee that our service will be completed in a timely fashion. Most asphalt overlays take days and not the weeks that full reconstruction often requires.

Asphalt Overlay FAQs

The experts at Southern Asphalt Engineering can analyze your asphalt and let you know what treatment or restorations are needed. An overlay is useful when an old layer of asphalt can be used as a base, so the overlay becomes a new layer. This can be done on only some occasions when the asphalt doesn’t need to be replaced entirely. It is a more cost-effective repair than complete reconstruction.

Overlays are both more cost-effective than reconstructions and only require a few days to complete, unlike the weeks that reconstruction can take.

Asphalt overlay doesn’t last as long as reconstruction because It only lasts anywhere from 10-15 years. It is more of a temporary reconstruction than full removal and repair.

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