Municipality and County Paving Services

Local residents expect their cities and counties to maintain parking lots, streets and sidewalks without unnecessary spending. When it comes to municipal paving projects, finding the balance between making the public as happy as possible and spending as little as possible can be hard. That’s where Southern Asphalt Engineering comes in to assist with municipality and county paving services.

Upkeep and Repairs

If you communicate with residents what your plans are ahead of time, they will be more receptive to temporary periods of inaccessibility. Instead of notifying them once or twice before a maintenance project, send everyone copies of your yearly or multi-year maintenance goals. Also, explain why maintenance is necessary. For example, not all residents know that it costs much more to install new asphalt than to repair it frequently. Explain that regular repairs prevent tire-damaging potholes. If they see that the repair projects are keeping the budget more frugal and protecting them, they will likely be happier.

When you repair pavement regularly, it can extend its useful life by two or three times the projected span. If you have a concrete surface that is too expensive to replace or repair, an asphalt paving contractor may suggest an asphalt overlay. This involves putting a layer of asphalt over the concrete. However, this solution is usually only suggested when the concrete below has adequate stability. Expansion joints on concrete can cause reflective cracks on asphalt over time. If a reliable asphalt paving contractor determines that this is a workable idea, you will need to carefully follow a maint

Choosing an Asphalt Paving Contractor

If you are a public works director, you must follow agency regulations for finding an asphalt paving contractor that specializes in municipality and institutional paving services. To also meet the expectations of residents, there are several important points to consider.

Price and Quality

Although residents expect you to make frugal decisions, you cannot sacrifice quality over cost. Asphalt engineering companies that cut corners or do not have a good reputation for their work should not be chosen simply because they offer a lower price. For a better long-term investment, it is optimal to work with a paving contractor that produces consistent and high-quality results.

Equipment and Techniques

One way to determine a good investment in an asphalt paving company is to find out if the contractors use proper repair and installation techniques. If the company has access to the latest and best equipment and understands current methods, it is likely a better choice. A good asphalt paving contractor has the right equipment to remove pavement and prepare the ground for new pavement installation. Also, a good asphalt company will have an experienced work crew and an efficient project management process.


The best way to protect your investment is to maintain it. A good asphalt paving contractor will suggest a reasonable maintenance schedule. Since prices are also predictable for this, it should be easy to plan a budget for a new pavement installation and for its future upkeep.


Not all cities and counties choose to seal pavements. However, it is an economical choice and should be an essential part of your long-term preservation plan. When you put a sealcoat on asphalt pavement, it blocks harmful UV rays. Another benefit of a sealcoat is that it protects the pavement from salt or chemical damage. For example, if automotive fluids leak onto unprotected pavement, they can damage it and make it crumble faster. A sealcoat must be reapplied as suggested by a asphalt paving contractor to retain its usefulness.


As a concerned director of public works, you want your municipality’s public places, homes and businesses to be accessible to people in wheelchairs as well. Keeping paved ramps in good condition is important for ADA Compliance. If you need to install or repair ramps, be sure to make that a priority in your budget. In a litigious society, this is especially crucial in front of government buildings.


After your pavement surfaces are installed or repaired, be sure to factor in the time and cost of re-marking them. Handicapped parking spaces, lane lines and other indicators must be replaced. If they fade before the pavement is due for maintenance, fix them. For example, if you do not need new parking lot installation and repair on a low-traffic lot with faded lines, re-paint the lines to prevent any potential safety problems.

Planning for Municipal Paving Services And Asphalt Repair Needs

Public safety, annual costs, and long-term costs are some of your top priorities as you plan. As you develop a plan that includes all sidewalk, parking lot, public space and road needs, these are some points to consider.

Material Choice

Many municipalities choose concrete or asphalt. While concrete may last longer, it can be up to three times as expensive to install. Also, concrete is subject to potholes and cracks. It can be expensive to fix those, and filling them with additional concrete means that the roads will be inaccessible until the concrete is set. In terms of initial cost and upkeep, asphalt is a more economical and efficient choice.

While asphalt is also subject to cracks and potholes, it does not take as long to repair. This makes it a good choice for parking lot installation and repair. The same is true for roadway installation and repair. For sidewalks, concrete is a common choice. For some parks and public spaces, municipalities may choose brick instead. Although concrete can also be good for some park patios, asphalt may be used instead. However, asphalt is a more practical choice for outdoor sporting areas. An asphalt paving contractor can advise you about optimal materials for your aesthetic and budgetary needs.

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