5 Questions To Ask Your Asphalt Contractor

asphalt paving contractor

Asphalt paving offers plenty of benefits that range in nature from aesthetic to financial. When you hire an asphalt contractor, it is important to work with a trustworthy one. Today, anyone can create a professional-looking website that promises perfection and looks legitimate. However, many of these individuals or businesses do not deliver the expected results. Informed customers are the happiest ones since they know exactly what to expect when the job is finished. These are some critical questions to ask a contractor.

1. How long have you been in business? Since there are so many home improvement scams today, you should always work with a company that has at least a year of verifiable business experience. Also, it should have a landline phone number, a physical address, and an established website.

2. Are you properly licensed? There are some unlicensed individuals who offer to do paving projects for a small amount of money. A contractor should have proof of a verifiable license. Also, a good company should be insured to back up its work. The ideal choice is to work with an engineering firm. Engineers have more in-depth knowledge about precision when it comes to important issues such as the slope of the land and other considerations.

3. Do you have references? If a contractor cannot provide any references and does not have a history of reviews on unbiased sites such as Yelp and Google, this should be concerning. A good contractor has nothing to hide and will be happy to provide you with positive references from happy clients.

4. Does this estimate include the entire scope of work? Estimates can be a tricky issue. The reason why a company offers an estimate instead of a quote is that the end amount may vary. With a cheap contracting business that may lack credentials, the estimate may be much higher than the initial estimate after the project starts. In most cases, this is because the contractor either has poor planning abilities or wants to attract more business by purposely stating lower initial estimates. A good company will know how to measure the scope of the entire project and will provide you with an estimate that may only be slightly different than the final amount. This is another reason why it helps to work with an experienced engineering firm.

5. Are there any unique challenges with this project? From the location of the land to the surroundings of it, there are several issues that could present asphalt paving challenges. An honest contractor will identify these and will tell you about them with confidence. Not all contractors are qualified to handle challenging projects. If you feel that a potential contractor does not seem confident about a challenge or lacks experience, call an engineering firm instead. When an unqualified paving contractor makes mistakes, those errors can cost you more money in the future.

Why Choose Southern Asphalt Engineering?

SAE has more than 20 years of proven success in asphalt, brick and concrete work. When you work with SAE, you have the assurance that you are working with a qualified engineering firm that is licensed and insured. The business prides itself in being one of the top asphalt companies that serves Miami and South Florida. When you work with SAE, the professionals provide you with an accurate estimate that includes the entire scope of the project. SAE knows how to plan any size of asphalt paving project whether it is a small driveway or a large parking lot. The professionals will tell you about any challenges and will present a plan to address those issues. If you need a reliable asphalt contractor, please call or submit a web form for a free estimate.

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