Asphalt Paving Tips

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Asphalt is a multipurpose material that can serve as the perfect, smooth surface between your garage and the public road. It can be your own personal stage on which you may showcase your prized vehicle.

In addition, an asphalt surface is a great place for kids to play, and it can also add curb appeal to your home.

Beautiful, functional asphalt begins with using the proper paving technique. By following a few tips, you can achieve optimal finished results.


The origin of any functional, aesthetically attractive driveway is high-quality design, starting with the base. The driveway must be laid on smooth ground that is firm and evenly contoured to match the desired layout of the finished product. The underlying ground is also known as the sub-grade. Once the sub-grade has been properly prepared, six to eight inches of granular stone should be placed on top.

Next, hot mix asphalt should be laid on top of the stone. A minimum compacted thickness of two inches is recommended. For measuring purposes, compacted thickness equals approximately three-quarters the thickness of loose hot mix asphalt.

Contractors typically quote prices according to the compacted thickness. For increased durability, the two inch thick layer may be used as a base and topped with an additional 1 1/2-inch layer as a surface course. Because water drains off asphalt, drainage must be directed away from buildings, and water should not be allowed to rest on the pavement’s edges. A slop of 1/4 inch from crown to edge is recommended to facilitate drainage.

Quality Materials

Contrary to appearances, not all hot asphalt mixes are equal. When paving an asphalt surface, it is important to select the product that will best achieve the desired functionality.

When paving a driveway that does not need to be extraordinarily strong, a Class 1 mix will generally work for the base course. A Class 2 mix may be used for the surface course; however, many people prefer to use Driveway mix to achieve a finer look.

A reputable asphalt producer will help you choose the correct product for the climate in which you live and other conditions that may affect the product’s performance.

Quality Construction

Choosing a reputable contractor will generally ensure that you will receive high-quality workmanship. Good contractors will always have well-trained staff, well-maintained equipment, and a commitment to using only the highest quality products.

Overall, homeowner are advised to only consult reputable contractors, shop around for quotes, and get references before deciding on a contractor.

Following these tips will greatly increase the likelihood of getting a finished driveway you can be proud to showcase.

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