Asphalt Services for Subdivisions, HOAs, & Condos

Properly and expertly paved driveways, roads, and parking lots can add so much value to your subdivisions that you are missing out on if you don’t take care of your asphalt. Residents of your communities look for their home to be cared for and maintained, so invest in quality paving services. When you work with Southern Asphalt Engineering, you don’t have to compromise expert services or affordable pricing because you get all this with professionals who are here to help. Southern Asphalt Engineering specializes in condominium asphalt repair and maintenance, subdivision paving, and street maintenance for HOAs. They’re the go-to asphalt restoration and maintenance contractors in south Florida.

Dangers of Poor Pavement Maintenance

If an accident happens because of potholes, cracks, or uneven lanes in your community, you could be facing liability for any injuries incurred by residents or guests. Don’t be susceptible to these unforeseen dangers when there is a simple and affordable solution. Southern Asphalt Engineering can survey your property and determine what asphalt repairs your subdivision needs so that your community is safe.

We can ensure quality and timely repairs so that your community is up to standards. Our repair will beautify but also make your subdivisions more functional and safe. We offer a variety of services so make Southern Asphalt Engineering a one-stop-shop for your community’s asphalt paving needs.

Partner with an Experienced Asphalt Provider

For more than 20 years, Southern Asphalt Engineering has been proudly serving the following areas:

  • Palm Beach County
  • Broward County
  • Miami-Dade County

At Southern Asphalt Engineering, we have worked on a variety of subdivisions and HOAs projects providing safety and convenience to communities all throughout South Florida. We specialize in complete asphalt roadway and parking lot pavement restoration, sealcoating, concrete curbing sidewalks and walkways, and a variety of parking lot services as well as maintenance services.

We strive to create long-term maintenance strategies that meet each client’s needs and protect their paving investments. With all services, we use reliable and high-quality equipment to provide seamless results that are guaranteed to last through wear and tear. Our extensive range of abilities allows us to meet every asphalt or paving need of community managers we partner with.

Why Subdivisions, HOAs, and Condos Need Asphalt Services

Subdivisions, HOAs, and Condos benefit from having regular maintenance to asphalt pavement around their properties. Maintenance isn’t just good for aesthetic purposes, but it is necessary for community safety. If the foundation of your pavement isn’t strong, it may be essential that you completely rebuild the asphalt to evade accidents and ensure more cost-effective repairs in the future.

When you work with Southern Asphalt Engineering, you are guaranteed high-quality paving that will only need regular maintenance services for upkeep. These installations will be a good investment for your subdivision.

As the adage says, you only get one first impression, so put your best foot forward for potential buyers. Sleek roadways and aesthetic curbs are the first things that prospective residents see; therefore, it would benefit your community if you invest in these repairs.

Clean finishes on driveways and maintained parking lots give the perception of a professional community or subdivision. Not only will your community look better, but the property value of your homes will also increase because of these high-class finishes.

Property managers and homeowners associations have to protect their residents and communities, so assure you are looking at every aspect that can affect the experience of your homeowners. Maintaining driveways, communal parking lots, and roads have to do a lot with making sure it is safe for cars and pedestrians.

Speed bumps, parking lot striping, and traffic signs are essential to maintain proper traffic flow and safety for your residents. Cars can be damaged by speed humps that are not correctly outlined, and other accidents can arise from fading striping and cracked roads.

Asphalt Paving Services for Subdivisions

Asphalt Paving

At Southern Asphalt, we use only the best asphalt materials to provide our customers with finely paved roads that are sure to beautify your subdivision. Asphalt paving will improve the look of your community while also minimizing any cracks or potholes that can cause unwanted accidents.


Sealcoating is an important step to increase the longevity of your parking lot’s asphalt. Community parking lots around your subdivision are exposed to heavy traffic and harsh weather so sealcoating would add a protective layer to extend the life of your asphalt. Here at Southern Asphalt Engineering, we use the highest quality, undiluted sealcoating materials so you know you’re getting the best deal.

Milling and Resurfacing Pavement

If your asphalt has gone through too much wear and tear it may be time to completely resurface your pavement to ensure an even surface. Complete re-paving allows for a fresh look with no holes or cracks that will last until the next routine repair. This can be done to roadways and driveways to make sure every part of your community has a seamless finish.

Regular Maintenance

As part of our asphalt maintenance and restoration process, we offer Asphalt patching as it is a critical step for proper asphalt maintenance and restoration. Southern Asphalt Engineering Inc. uses asphalt patching in order to protect asphalt surfaces such as parking lots and roadways. Asphalt patching covers cracks, holes, and we have other maintenance services to repair any obstruction in the foundation such as underlying root removal and sub-base remediation.

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