Blacktop Milling and Resurfacing Explained: Understanding The Distinctions

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Navigating the language of blacktop construction and maintenance might seem daunting. However, understanding the key components is indispensable for entrepreneurs, property managers, and anyone looking to maintain their outdoor spaces. Although various processes related to blacktop maintenance may appear similar, each has distinct characteristics. Today, we will delve into the intricacies of Blacktop Milling and Resurfacing to grasp how they differ.

Blacktop Milling: 

Milling is a technique of stripping away the existing blacktop surface to a predetermined depth using a grinding process. This method is a precursor to the paving phase, where fresh blacktop material will be applied. Ensuring the targeted area is lower than its surroundings sets the stage for the new blacktop to be laid seamlessly.

Blacktop Resurfacing: 

Contrary to milling, resurfacing involves the addition of a fresh, top layer of blacktop material over the existing surface. The goal here is to rejuvenate and extend the pavement’s longevity, potentially adding another eight to 15 years to its lifespan. Resurfacing is a viable option only when the foundational layer of the blacktop remains undamaged and robust. If a pavement undergoes milling and then adds a fresh layer, this entire procedure is encapsulated under the term ‘resurfacing.’

The Blacktop Resurfacing Procedure:

  1. Tack Coat Application: It all starts with a tack coat, which acts as a powerful adhesive between the old and new surfaces. This ensures a robust bond, allowing the new blacktop layer to adhere firmly.
  2. Laying the New Surface: Advanced paving machinery comes into play to lay down the fresh blacktop. The end goal is a surface devoid of irregularities, whether bumps or faults.
  3. Smoothing Process: The newly laid surface undergoes a thorough smoothing process to guarantee a uniform, sleek finish.

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