Debunking Myths About Asphalt Paving

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There are many misconceptions surrounding asphalt pavement. As engineers with over 20 years of experience in asphalt construction and maintenance in South Florida, we at Southern Asphalt Engineering can debunk common myths and help you learn about asphalt. Let’s debunk some of the most prevalent asphalt misconceptions.

Myth: Asphalt only needs repairs for the aesthetics

Besides cosmetic reasons, asphalt needs to be repaired because cracked asphalt can cause serious damages to vehicles and passengers. When cracks start to form from wear and tear, your asphalt needs to be repaired to avoid larger repairs. When potholes begin to overtake your parking lot or roadways, asphalt patching or even complete restoration may be necessary.

Myth: Asphalt is a Hassle to Repair

Asphalt repairs are way less of a hassle than dealing with accidents and customer or employee injuries on your property. Asphalt repairs can be done in a timely manner to ensure your business can remain open through the repairs. At Southern Asphalt Engineering, we make sure that we guide you throughout the process, answering questions, and providing you with top-notch customer service. Asphalt repairs don’t need to be a hassle when you work with the right company.

Myth: Asphalt is Expensive to Install

Quality asphalt installation is important to ensure the longevity of your asphalt. High quality, however, does not mean high cost. Here at Southern Asphalt Engineering, we offer asphalt paving and repairs at competitive prices with contractors you can trust. We will work with you to maintain your budget and timelines to ensure your project is completed to your satisfaction.

Myth: Asphalt Only Lasts a Few Years

With proper maintenance, quality asphalt can last years. There are ways to spruce up the look and functionality of asphalt with sealcoating and patching. Routine maintenance is required to keep the longevity of your asphalt, but these are quick and budget-friendly repairs. Asphalt is a strong material that can withstand wear and tear if you care for it properly. We at Southern Asphalt Engineering can survey your property and assist you in getting the necessary repairs.

Myth: Asphalt is Bad For the Environment

Asphalt has evolved in recent years to become less toxic to the environment. Asphalt is now made to be more sustainable by reducing emissions at asphalt plants while also making it a recyclable product. When you work with Southern Asphalt Engineering, we only use the best quality asphalt and make sure we are sourcing and disposing of asphalt according to the best practices. 

Now that you know the truth about asphalt, consider how asphalt can beautify and better service your parking lot or other asphalt surfaces. Asphalt can be the solution to your parking lot struggles and roadway repairs. You don’t have to be asphalt experts, that’s our job. So feel free to contact us with any asphalt questions or any inquiries about the services we can provide.

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