Everything You Need To Know About Parking Lot Resurfacing

asphalt resurfacing

A parking lot is an important part of your business. It allows customers to easily find your facility and gives them a safe place to park their vehicles. However, over time, wear and tear on a parking lot can cause cracks and potholes that make it difficult for customers to get in and out safely. Therefore, you need to consider parking lot resurfacing if you want your customers to have an enjoyable experience when they visit.

Parking lot resurfacing is a process where the top layer of asphalt (the surface material) is removed and replaced with a new layer. The removal and replacement can be done in one day depending on the size of the project. It is a good idea to allow curing time between each step, so it might take a few days for the overall project to be completed.

The most common types of parking lot resurfacing techniques include:

  • Hot asphalt paving – this involves heating the existing asphalt so that it’s soft enough to remove. Then, fresh hot asphalt is placed over the old layers of material. The heat melts the old material into slurry, which drains under the new hot pavement to help prevent cracking in future weather events. This method is best used in large areas with heavy traffic because it creates stronger bonds between layers than other methods; however, it takes longer because you cannot drive on newly laid surfaces until they cool down completely (this can take up to 72 hours).
  • Cold milling – for small areas with light traffic, this method involves removing all existing coating from a section at once instead of heating an entire area before doing so as part of the hot paving techniques described above. Cold milling is quicker but may lead to weaker interlayer bonds since there isn’t enough time between coats.

Top reasons to get your parking lot resurfaced:

  • To restore the original quality of your parking lot
  • To reduce cracks in the surface to improve appearance and safety
  • To improve drainage on your property

The amount of traffic and the type of wear will determine the frequency at which you need to resurface your parking lot. The average lifespan of a parking lot is 7-10 years, but it can vary depending on what type of material was used, how well kept it is, and how much foot traffic or heavy vehicle use there is. For example, if your parking lot sees heavy vehicle traffic every day and/or many pedestrians are walking on it, you should consider resurfacing it more often than once every ten years.

If you are in the market for a parking lot resurfacing contractor, it is important to hire the right company. The first thing that should be on your mind is whether or not the contractor has experience with this type of project. They should be able to explain their process in detail and show off pictures of previous jobs they have done. It’s also important that you ask about their equipment and what materials they will use on your surface. Lastly, ask about lead times for your project. How soon will the parking lot resurfacing contractor start? What’s the best season to do the work? Do you have any upcoming events that will fill parking capacity? A great contractor can help you navigate this and choose the best start time for the best results.

For any additional questions or to inquire about parking lot resurfacing or parking lot asphalt maintenance, please reach out to Southern Asphalt Engineering. With over 24 years of experience, our expert asphalt contractors can provide a free consultation and quote, for top-quality service regarding your parking lot or asphalt project in South Florida.


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