Guide To Commercial Concrete Curb Installation In Florida

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Any commercial building needs a well-kept exterior because potential customers frequently form their first impressions there. Consider installing extruded curbs to improve the appearance and usability of your parking lots and paved areas. 

For more than 25 years, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach have benefited from the excellent extruded curb installation, repair, and maintenance services offered by Southern Asphalt Engineering. Contact us to learn more or speak with a specialist about the advantages of extruded curbs for your property.

The Advantages of Extruded Curbs 

After severe weather, extruded curbs surround parking lots or landscaping to keep dirt and grass from encroaching onto the pavement. These curbs are more robust and durable thanks to the concrete and sand mixture forced through a metal shoe. 

Key benefits for commercial applications include: 

  • Endless design options: The continuously fed concrete mixture can be shaped by the curb extruder into various shapes, including square, rectangular, rounded, and angled forms.
  • Flexible installation options: Extruded concrete curbs can be installed on the binder (most common), or finished surfaces after paving is complete.
  • Colors that can be customized: Change the mixture to change the color of the extruded concrete curbing. Gray is the default color, but additional hues are offered.
  • Installation is quicker and less expensive with extruded curbs compared to pre-formed curbing alternatives.
  • Extruded curbs are resilient in adverse weather, which makes them perfect for South Florida’s intense heat and flooding. In addition, they need fewer seasonal repairs than bituminous curbs, which over time, lowers maintenance costs.

Where Extruded Concrete Curbs Are Beneficial 

Extruded curbing is advantageous for any commercial property, but larger parking lots are especially appropriate. In addition, extruded curbs, landscaping, and traffic flow improve curb appeal and safety. Here’s how different establishments can benefit:

  • Retail Parking Lots: Customers are drawn to appealing properties. Your retail location may attract more customers if it has landscaping and extruded curbs.
  • Apartment complexes: Maintain an attractive environment with extruded curbs less prone to damage and wear to increase resident satisfaction.
  • Industrial Buildings & Complexes: Extruded curbs are perfect for high-traffic industrial parking lots, including personal vehicles and industrial equipment. They’re a great option because of their durability.

The Process Of Installing Extruded Curbing 

Installing extruded curbing involves several steps by professional concrete contractors, ensuring a durable and appealing result. Here’s an overview of the extruded curbing installation process:

  1. Site Assessment and Preparation: Experts assess your property and prepare the site by clearing debris, leveling the ground, and marking designated areas for curbs.
  2. Mixing the Concrete: A sand and concrete mixture is prepared according to the desired curb specifications, including strength and color.
  3. Setting Up the Curb Extruder: The extruder machine is calibrated according to the planned curb shape and dimensions.
  4. Extruding the Curb: The concrete mixture is fed into the curb extruder, which shapes and creates a continuous, seamless extruded curb along the designated path.
  5. Finishing Touches: Professionals apply finishing touches to ensure a smooth appearance, including smoothing edges, removing excess material, and adding expansion joints.
  6. Curing the Concrete: The extruded curb is left to cure and harden, typically between 24 and 48 hours, during which it must be protected from direct sunlight, rain, and potential damage.
  7. Final Inspection: A final inspection ensures the extruded curbs meet project requirements and industry standards, with any necessary adjustments or repairs made.

Why Choose Southern Asphalt Engineering for Extruded Curbing Services 

We are the go-to business partner for extruded curbing services in South Florida. Our paving and concrete specialists: 

  • Have years of experience in providing installations, repairs, restoration, and maintenance for asphalt and concrete.
  • Are well-versed in the weather and conditions in South Florida, ensuring specialized, local solutions.
  • Have finished projects for numerous neighborhood HOAs, local businesses, and municipalities.

Enhance the appearance of your commercial property with durable and cost-effective extruded concrete curbs. Get in touch with Southern Asphalt Engineering to have a discussion about your requirements for commercial extruded curbs with an experienced expert.

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