How to Hire a Municipal Asphalt Contractor

municipal asphalt paving

Having safe and well-paved roads in your city or town is crucial for the residents who live, work, and shop there. Roadways that don’t drain properly can cause inconveniences for pedestrians and drivers at best, and can be hazardous at worst. Potholes on municipal roads are a nuisance and can cause damage to vehicles. If not taken care of properly, roadway issues like these can cause a drain on taxpayer dollars and force leaders to raise funds for repairs. 

To avoid and repair these types of pavement flaws, it’s critical to choose the right municipal asphalt contractor to deliver high-quality work that will withstand heavy traffic. Here, we put together some of the top qualifications to consider when hiring a municipal contractor.

What’s Included in Their Bid

When you get a bid from multiple municipal contractors, make sure to consider what’s included. Go line by line to make sure the bid follows your specifications, and ask about additional costs and fees. For instance, some contractors may charge extra for asphalt recycling, while others may haul away old pavement for free. 

Proper License and Insurance

Some asphalt contractors will try to save money by skipping insurance. This creates a liability for you in case something happens on the project and they don’t have the insurance to cover it. At minimum, your municipal contractor should have workers compensation insurance, as well as general liability insurance. They should also have insurance for their commercial vehicles and paving equipment, and should be able to show proof of insurance upon request. They should also be licensed with the proper regulatory body. 

Experience with Similar Projects

When comparing municipal contractors, ask what previous experience they have with similar projects. Do they have experience with projects of a similar size? How long did it take them the last time they completed a similar project? If the contractor has experience completing a municipal project of a similar size, they will be more likely to complete your project on time and under budget. 

Public roadway improvements such as curb and gutter installation, and paving and patching of roadways and sidewalks which are constructed on public rights of way, easements and other public property, require a licensed municipal contractor to pull a permit and schedule an inspection with the local Engineering board. Your municipal contractor should have experience pulling the proper permits for the project, and have knowledge of local guidelines and regulatory requirements. 

Equipment and Materials

Does your municipal asphalt contractor have their own equipment and materials, or will they be renting it out? Asphalt paving equipment can be costly, and so contractors who own their equipment tend to make sure that it’s maintained properly. Rented equipment is also subject to availability and is more likely to break down, causing delays to your project. 

Why Hire Southern Asphalt Engineering for Your Municipal Paving Project

Southern Asphalt Engineering has experience in a variety of municipal asphalt projects in Miami-Dade and Broward County, including Fisher Island and Country Walk. We have the experience and commitment to quality you need to get the most value for taxpayers. Get in touch for a free quote for your next municipal project. 

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