Industrial Asphalt Paving Services

Industrial areas and complexes are essential components of every city’s job market and production abilities. Asphalt is often chosen for industrial roads, parking areas, and more. It looks attractive and is resilient. Additionally, with proper maintenance, it is an affordable-long term investment. When asphalt is being applied initially or repaired, it is crucial to work with a skilled contracting company, specifically with industrial asphalt paving services, that knows how to produce quality work and minimizes downtime.

Our company ensures professional results, and we have the tools and technologies to make the project flow smoothly and reach completion in a timely manner. To ensure quality, we use our own equipment and supplies. If possible, we also use recycled materials to help minimize environmental impact. For facility managers who need a company that cares about the environment, quality results and customer satisfaction, our reliable team provides industrial asphalt paving services that meet these expectations.

Asphalt Paving Services for Industrial Areas

We can perform a variety of asphalt services for industrial properties. These are some of the common types of industrial asphalt paving services that we perform.

Preparing the Ground

When asphalt is replaced or initially placed, the ground must be properly prepared. Improper preparation can lead to shifting and other problems. In addition to many other types of tasks, these are some examples of preparatory services that we offer:

  • Ground compaction
  • Paving removal
  • Grading and sub-grading

We can also safely work with ground features, such as drainage systems and other underground features for industrial buildings.

Work With a Skilled Asphalt Engineering Company

For more than 20 years, Southern Asphalt Engineering has been proudly serving the following areas:

  • Palm Beach County
  • Broward County
  • Miami-Dade County

We provide a variety of other industrial paving services, such as concrete curbing, road striping, sealcoating and more. Our wide range of abilities gives us the opportunity to meet every need of our industrial customers. We strive to create long-term maintenance strategies that meet each client’s needs and protect their paving investments. With all services, we use reliable and high-quality equipment to provide seamless results that customers can trust. From forklift paths to parking lots, Southern Asphalt Engineering has the experience and capabilities to safely and effectively execute nearly any industrial paving project.

Laying New Asphalt

Every industrial business has its own unique challenges. Our team works with managers to learn those needs and help develop the right strategy. In addition to roads and parking areas, we can create asphalt walkways and paths for industrial vehicles. These are a few of the many services that we perform:

  • Base material installation
  • Binder installation
  • Asphalt preparation and installation

Repairing Existing Asphalt

Trucks that are fully loaded, storms, ground shifts and other external factors are all hard on industrial asphalt. Over time, these issues can lead to cracking. If cracks are addressed promptly, they can be repaired. However, cracks that are ignored will worsen and lead to the need for more extensive work. Our team can perform a variety of repairs, such as:

  • Filling and patching
  • Resurfacing
  • Cap repairs

Regulatory Compliance in Industrial Asphalt Paving

Rest assured that our company is insured and fully licensed to provide industrial asphalt services in this state. It is important to work with a company that is insured and licensed to have the assurance of reliable paving that will last as long as possible. Our compliance with all industry regulations for operational tasks and materials is important to us, and our customers’ satisfaction is equally important.

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