Asphalt Infrared Repairs – Facts and Benefits

infrared road repair

There are several different ways to repair asphalt, but infrared is considered one of the finest ways to do it. It can address almost all types of problems easily and efficiently. However, there’s a lot of confusing, contradictory information out there about this method of asphalt repair.

Infrared isn’t a complete solution to all your asphalt problems. If the problem is caused by a base failure, you need to remove the top layer and do the repairs. Here are some facts about it:

What is Infrared and how does it Work?

Infrared is a specific light wavelength. You can’t see it but it causes an object to heat up when it’s absorbed by it. The rays would heat the asphalt from inside out as they sink into the layers and heat from underneath.

The infrared layers also don’t heat more than a single layer at a time, which makes it even more efficient. By using it, you can heat the asphalt and bring it to workable consistency. This will allow you conduct repairs easily and there’s no need for replacing the surface.

The Process

The repair process is very simple and it doesn’t take a lot of time. You can easily expect the problem to be solved in 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the area we need to work on.

  • The surface needs to be cleaned properly before the repairs can be done. We remove any debris, loose aggregates, sand, or water from the surface.
  • Infrared would then heat the area to about 325° for about 5 to 10 minutes. This depends on the depth of the asphalt, the season, and the existing aggregate.
  • After the area is workable, it will be raked. Through this we can remove failed aggregates. We also need to apply a rejuvenator. That replenishes the oils in the asphalt that were lost because of oxidation.
  • At this stage, we apply additional material to the area, before raking & then grading it to the appropriate level.
  • The last step is to compact the layers with the help of a multi-ton vibratory plate/roller


There are several benefits of repairing the asphalt through this method.

  • It’s more affordable than replacing the surface. There’s less material involved and you save on labor costs as well.
  • This repair method takes very little time. The traditional resurfacing work would consume your entire day.
  • The repaired surface patches with the rest of the surface seamlessly, without leaving any gaps.

Infrared repairs are hassle-free, less time consuming, and more affordable than traditional repairs.

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