New Parking Lot Construction

Professional Parking Lot Construction & Paving

Southern Asphalt Engineering is a professional asphalt and concrete contractor that has been designing and building parking lots and roadways for over 25 years. We can assist you with the entire process of constructing a new parking lot, from obtaining permits to completing finish work like sealcoating, line painting, and installing speed bumps and signage. With our extensive experience and expertise, we can ensure that your new parking lot is built to the highest standards of quality and safety for South Florida. Whether you need a small parking lot for a retail store or a large one for a commercial or industrial facility, Southern Asphalt Engineering has the skills and resources to make it happen.

Having a professionally paved parking lot is critical to businesses that wish to allow regular vehicular access to their property. Not only does a smooth, well-paved lot enhance the appearance of a commercial area, but the quality of paving and maintenance plays a major role in overall safety.

Business clients must maintain a safe parking area and driveway to protect guests and their vehicles from sustaining potential damage or injury.

Quality Work

The quality of a parking lot paving job will mostly depend on the contractor a client chooses to do the work. A reputable paving company will have a website and will willingly provide references from past satisfied clients. Beyond searching for a website, established parking lot construction companies are also often featured on review-based websites, where customers may record positive and negative feedback. Potential customers must also be sure that a company can provide the service they need; therefore, a trustworthy company will provide photos of similar projects they have completed.

Meet with your Contractor

While it may be tempting to choose a parking lot paving company based solely on the appearance of their website and online reviews and testimonials, potential clients should also schedule an appointment to meet with the company. By meeting with the contractor in person, the customer is able to evaluate the quality of customer service the company will likely provide and gauge overall professionalism. An onsite meeting is also a prime opportunity to ask detailed questions about insurance, licensing and bonding, the company’s history, and project-specific questions such as turnaround time, price, materials used, and any other concerns. A reliable company will happily educate a potential customer as much as possible about their business and their construction process.

Why Choose SAE?

Southern Asphalt Engineering offers a variety of cost-effective asphalt construction, repair, and maintenance services in South Florida. We are committed to consistently delivering a high standard of courtesy and professionalism. We will take the time to outline our approach to completing a project and address all questions and concerns a potential client may have prior to beginning work. Furthermore, we are a one-stop-shop that offers customers the benefit of dealing with one friendly, helpful asphalt contractor to complete all components of their commercial, industrial, or residential paving project in Broward and Miami Dade.

New Parking Lot Construction FAQs

When you work with SAE on any project, we make sure to follow all ADA guidelines so your business is up to regulation. ADA compliance means Striping, Signage, and Ramps that give everyone access to your business or property. Visit our page to read more about ADA compliance and regulations.

You can upgrade your parking lot in a variety of ways. Some ways to rejuvenate your asphalt for a professional appearance:




For a full list of our services visit our parking lots services page.

We see the inclusion of adequate shading and lighting, as well as designing the layout to be easily navigable for vehicles and pedestrians, with ADA compliance in mind. Each our projects is unique to the size of the land and scope of work. Southern Asphalt Engineering can help you maximize efficiencies with our design and recommendations.

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