Parking Lot Asphalt Repair – Why It’s Important

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Many businesses have asphalt surfaces. If the surfaces are greatly damaged, every day operations will be affected. A business is more successful when the parking lot has no damage.

For example, the customers will know that the business is established and professional. Another benefit is that proper repairs prevent liability issues. If a customer trips while in the parking lot, there could be a lawsuit. In some cases, a simple pothole may cause serious injuries. If this happens, the business owner will have to pay for the damages.

Conditions That Lead To Asphalt Damage

Concrete and asphalt will gain damage over time. If a pavement is very old, the surface will slowly crack each day. However, there are other things that can affect how fast damage can occur. For example, if an industrial vehicle travels on the pavement, the surface will crack because of the vehicle’s weight. Other things can also cause damage, such as sewer and drain installation and tree roots.

When the surface breaks, more damage can also occur. A surface usually breaks when there are temperature changes. The surface breaks because moisture gains access to the surface below the pavement. Problems are also possible in very cold environments. Water found below the surface will expand when it turns to ice. The pavement will gain issues after the surface crumbles.

Understanding The Risks

A professional business must have a parking lot that has no damage. Most business owners maintain their parking lots because they usually sell their properties in the future. Potential buyers will not purchase property that has a broken pavement. A damaged pavement is a distraction. Also, the damage decreases the value of the property.

The biggest risk, however, involves an accident. Some injuries will lead to major lawsuits that cost over a million dollars. Depending on the insurance company, the injury costs may be covered. However, some companies will not cover the injury costs. If injuries do occur, the insurance premiums will increase.

Benefits Of Cold Asphalt Repair Procedures

Cold patch has designed in the 1990s, and it is an efficient asphalt repair technique. The material is used at industrial and commercial business locations. Technicians use cold patch procedures in situations where repairs are needed fast. Numerous municipalities use cold patch repair services on potholes because the potholes gain damage during the winter. Cold patch repair services are very popular because the material can be stored for nearly a year. Also, technicians can apply it when needed.

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