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Property managers juggle a lot on a day-to-day basis. Finding tenants, collecting rent, and tending to current residents are crucial functions of a property manager. In addition, maintaining an attractive, clean, and functional property is essential for attracting and retaining high-quality tenants. While property managers have a lot of responsibilities, making sure parking lot and pavement maintenance should never be overlooked is a responsibility. Whether it’s finding suitable tenants or beautifying your property, asphalt maintenance plays a key role in making sure your property looks professional. Find an asphalt contractor who specializes in asphalt maintenance for property managers.

Why Asphalt Services are Necessary for Properties

It’s not just about keeping your property or building clean, it’s about making sure the experience from the entrance of your property to the exit is enjoyable for your customers and tenants. This includes making sure your parking lot is functional and safe. A parking lot at any property receives a ton of traffic daily so ensuring that traffic patterns flow and markings are clear and visible is essential to everyone’s safety. On top of visual appeal, parking lots should be smooth to not only ensure a pleasant driving experience but to avoid frustrations that can be caused by potholes and cracks in the pavement.

First impressions are also crucial when managing a property so don’t let your pavement and asphalt be your downfall. It’s natural for asphalt to crack and discolor as the weather wears away the paint but repairs are needed so your asphalt doesn’t deteriorate quicker. Proper asphalt maintenance can ensure your property will maintain its appearance for longer and it’s less of a hassle than constant repairs. Unappealing asphalt, pavement, and sidewalks give off a negative impression of your property. Don’t lose possible tenants and clients because of your congested and confusing lot or cracked asphalt. Take proactive measures to seal your parking lot, repair cracks immediately and most of all hire the right company to get it done.

Dangers of Poor Asphalt Maintenance

Poor asphalt maintenance not only looks poorly on your property but it can cause accidents, damage to cars, and of course unhappy customers. As a property manager, it is in your best interest to attract occupants to your property while also reducing liabilities which can result from improper care of your property’s asphalt. When visitors step foot on your property they are entrusting you with their safety. Car accidents and pedestrian injuries are common and have an even higher rate of occurring when there is damage to the asphalt. Large potholes can cause a driver to lose control of their car resulting in serious injuries and damages that you will be responsible for paying. Not just potholes but uneven concrete pavement can also be the cause of tripping and slip in fall accidents. Leaving your property susceptible to accidents can cost you in legal fees and put a strain on your finances. Stay ahead of the game by maintaining your asphalt with routine repairs done with quality materials and for excellent service, call Southern Asphalt Engineering.

Asphalt Maintenance for Property Management Companies

Maintaining your asphalt’s appearance is important to the overall appeal of your property and doing so doesn’t require a ton of time and effort. Sealcoating is a way to protect deterioration of your asphalt because it acts as a barrier against oxidizing elements that can damage your asphalt. Also by applying high quality sealcoating your surface is more resistant to traffic without cracking. This process can upgrade the look of your asphalt because it restores the rich color and hides surface-level flaws making the property more attractive to potential tenants. By doing this process there is one less stress to keeping your property safe and beautiful.

Asphalt Maintenance
Southern Asphalt Engineering Inc. specializes in asphalt maintenance and restoration. This is an important aspect of the care and safety of your property. Southern Asphalt Engineering Inc. uses asphalt patching in order to protect asphalt surfaces such as parking lots and roadways. Asphalt Patching is a critical step for proper asphalt maintenance and restoration because it minimizes the appearance of cracks, holes, and uneven pavement. Asphalt patching can avoid the need for premature repairs of the entire asphalt, which in the end will save you money. Patching asphalt is necessary to minimize the possibility of accidents and unhappy tenants.

Parking lot Striping
Parking lot striping is essential to keep your property looking professional and accessible to your tenants and visitors. Clear and visible parking lot markings allow for your parking lot to be safer and to avoid confusion for drivers. If future tenants and other visitors to your property have a hard time before even getting into your property that does not reflect well on your business. To ensure your parking lot is functional and presentable, parking lot striping should be touched up around every two years to minimize the effects of weather and constant traffic.

Accessibility is also important to keep in mind when you manage a property so make sure your parking lot follows ADA guidelines. Southern Asphalt Engineering can work with you to ensure your parking lot follows ADA guidelines and can also revive any faded lines or signals with a fresh coat of high-quality paint.

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Partner with an Experienced Asphalt Maintenance Provider

At Southern Asphalt Engineering, we have worked with a variety of property managers on projects and understand your time constraints and budgetary needs. We specialize in complete asphalt roadway and parking lot pavement restoration, seal coating, concrete curbing sidewalks and walkways, and a variety of parking lot services as well as maintenance services. With all services, we use reliable and high-quality equipment to provide seamless results that customers can trust. We strive to create long-term maintenance strategies that meet each client’s needs and protect their paving investments.

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