How To Resolve Commercial Property ADA Compliance Violations

ADA Compliant Sign

Maintaining an ADA compliant property is a tricky matter, especially for commercial properties. 

You may not realize it but there are many features on your commercial property that can be considered ADA non-compliant. Proactively making improvements on your property can help you avoid fines and financial repercussions. At Southern Asphalt Engineering, we are very familiar with ADA guidelines because every project we complete is ADA compliant. We broke down the most common ADA compliance infractions so you can survey your property and get the necessary repairs to bring your commercial property up to code. 


Measurements Matter

The first step in surveying a property to make sure it is ADA compliant starts at the parking lot. To comply with ADA guidelines, a parking lot has to have a certain amount of accessible parking spaces. The number of required parking spaces is dependent on the Sq Ft of the property’s parking lot. An ADA-certified asphalt contractor can help you figure out the correct number of spaces you are required to have by law. 

As well as the number of spaces, the dimensions and measurement of each spot needs to be up to code to avoid fines. For example, accessible parking spaces must be 12′ minimum with an adjacent 5′ minimum access aisle. These measurements have to be strictly adhered to because vans with accessibility ramps need to have ample space to open in the allotted parking space. 


Details, Details, Details

If your parking lot passes the first ADA compliance test, now you need to focus on the details of the spaces and parking features. Paint striping is one of the most common ADA violations we see on commercial properties. Accessibility striping has to be clearly defined so paint can’t be chipped or faded. To ensure the markings on your parking lot are always looking their professional best, a fresh coat of paint striping should be reapplied around every two years or as soon as lines become faded. Florida weather can also exacerbate the rate at which you need to restripe a parking lot.

Parking spaces also need to have visible signs that differentiate designated accessible parking spaces. Accessibility signage is essential to have, so customers are aware that spaces are reserved. Make sure the signs on your property are visible, upright, and not faded. Signs can become a violation when they are knocked down or if there has been wear and tear, so the sign is illegible. 


Curb Ramps and Accessible Entrances

To ensure your commercial property is 100% ADA compliant, your building must have accessible entrances and exits. In addition, accessible routes for your business are required to have minimum dimensions, maximum slopes, proper head clearances, and be free from obstruction to pass the ADA guideline. If you are unsure if these features on your property are ADA compliant, reach out to Southern Asphalt Engineering and we can survey your property and help make it ADA compliant.

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