The Advantages of Asphalt

long road through field

Many people consider asphalt roads inferior to concrete pavements. However, seasoned contractors will tell you that that’s simply not true. Concrete has its advantages and is suitable for certain conditions. However, asphalt has proven its superior performance repeatedly on high traffic pavements. There are several advantages of choosing asphalt roads over concrete and other such materials. Consider the following points:

The Environmental Impact

There are several aspects that make asphalt roads great for the environment. Most other pavement materials have a larger carbon footprint, either due to the materials used or the manufacturing process. Here are some other reasons why this material is environmentally friendly:

  • Asphalt is 100% recyclable and the recycling process doesn’t emit greenhouse gases. It actually benefits the industry to recycle asphalt.
  • Porous asphalt roads replenish the ground water levels. The water that falls on the surface filters through the pavement and reaches the underground
  • Asphalt is also inert and doesn’t release any harmful gases or materials to the environment.

These aspects make this material environmentally friendly and sustainable, reducing costs and the carbon footprint.

Fast Construction

Laying down asphalt pavements doesn’t take a lot of time. This is because of the fact that, unlike concrete, asphalt doesn’t require curing time. In most cases, vehicles can travel on these roads almost immediately after the construction is done. This saves a lot of time and money.


Asphalt roads are very easy to maintain as opposed to concrete roads and other alternatives. Any potholes, cracks, and problems can be immediately addressed and quickly solved. The repaired piece of road meshes smoothly with the original surface. As with construction, the pavement repair doesn’t take much time either. The road can be used immediately afterwards.

Skid and Slip Resistance

As we mentioned before, the porous asphalt surface drains the water and directs it to the ground underneath. This ensures that water isn’t accumulated on the surface. The road surface texture is also specifically designed for better grip. If the aggregate mixture is accurate, the texture will be rough enough for the tires to grip it easily. This ensures that regardless of the weather, the asphalt road is relatively safe to drive on.

Noise Reduction

According to research, an asphalt road produces 50% less noise than a concrete road. Moreover, the porous asphalt road further reduces the noise levels by 50%. This can contribute to a better overall driving experience and reduces the stress endured by the driver.

There are several other benefits of using asphalt. It’s more affordable, it’s durable, and very versatile. Most people don’t regret their choice if its asphalt.

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