The Benefits of Line Striping

line striping

Whether it’s for your parking lot or roadway, it’s crucial for commercial and residential properties to have well-marked line striping. Not only do some building codes require line striping for commercial and residential properties, but it’s also crucial to mark your pavement to protect visitors, residents, employees, and your building from vehicular accidents. Here, the top benefits of line striping:

Improve Safety

Roadway striping is used on commercial properties to denote lanes, turning signals, pedestrian walkways, and stop locations. When road surface markings aren’t clearly visible to drivers, it can lead to confusion and accidents. 

At Southern Asphalt Engineering, we use industry-standard thermoplastic paint and beads. Thermoplastic line striping is highly reflective at night, increasing the safety of your property’s roadways. 

Reduce Liability

You could be held liable to an accident caused by poorly marked pavement striping on your property. This could entail paying for medical bills, lost wages, and emotional trauma. Prevent accidents and the associated liability by making sure your roadway and parking lot striping is clearly and properly marked. 

Meet Accessibility Requirements 

The Americans with Disabilities Act has certain guidelines for parking lot striping. Depending on the number of parking spots in your parking lot, you may be required to mark a certain number of handicap spots or extra-wide spaces for vans. Clearly marking handicap-accessible spots in your parking lot will help you stay ADA compliant and provide access to handicapped visitors or employees.

Happier Visitors

No one likes to drive somewhere where they aren’t sure where to turn, whether they’re in the correct lane, and where they can park. By clearly denoting these important guidelines on your property using line striping, you will provide a better driving and walking experience for your visitors and employees. 

Boost Curb Appeal

Aside from improving safety and organization, industrial line striping plays an important role in maintaining the physical appearance of your property. Your building’s roadway and parking lot are often the first things that visitors see on your property, so you want to make sure that they’re clear and crisp to make a good first impression. 

Line Striping in Miami-Dade and Broward County

If you’re looking for line striping services in Miami-Dade or Broward County, Southern Asphalt Engineering is the leading line striping specialist to call. We have been marking roadways and parking lots in South Florida for over 20 years, and are familiar with all local permitting and regulations. 

Whether you’re a public roadway manager, business owner or municipality representative, we’ll provide responsive and timely service to meet your deadline and budget. 

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