5 Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Resurfacing

parking lot paving

Asphalt parking lots get heavy use. Whether you have a commercial or industrial parking lot, you need to keep it in optimal condition in order to ensure the safety of your employees and visitors. At Southern Asphalt Engineering Inc., we offer parking lot resurfacing for any size of asphalt parking lot. By resurfacing pitted, cracked or broken asphalt, we help you maintain a parking lot that is safe for people and vehicles. If you are unsure of whether or not your property needs parking lot paving, keep these top five signs in mind.


Exposure to sunlight and moisture cause asphalt surfaces to develop cracks over time. As the water seeps through the asphalt, the cracks grow longer and wider. Not only do the cracks look unappealing, but they lead to uneven surfaces. These uneven surfaces could become a slip-and-fall or tripping hazard to people walking in the parking lot. Over time, pieces of asphalt could separate from each other along the crack lines. This creates additional safety hazards for people and vehicles.


Rapid expansion and contraction of cracks in asphalt leads to potholes. Shifting soil underneath the parking lot can also cause potholes to develop. In some cases, potholes become deep enough to cause serious damage to vehicles. Driving through a pothole could damage a vehicle’s tire, rim, suspension and alignment. Potholes are also a hazard for anyone who has to walk in a parking lot. When one or more potholes develop in an asphalt surface, parking lot paving is necessary. We remove the loose pieces of asphalt, fill the hole and resurface the substrate in order to create a safer area.

Pools of Water

Uneven settling of the soil or substrate underneath the parking lot may cause its surface to develop low spots. These low spots lead to puddles and pools of water on the asphalt’s surface. A blocked drain or insufficient drainage can also lead to pooling of water on a parking lot. Water seeps through the asphalt. Overnight, the cooler air temperatures allow the water to expand. Expansion of water within the asphalt causes cracking. The puddles and pools of water in a parking lot can also be hazardous to pedestrians. The slippery water increases the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. We identify the causes of pooling water and correct them when we perform parking lot resurfacing.


Commercial and industrial parking lots see a lot of vehicle activity. Heavy trucks and equipment drive across the asphalt and maneuver into loading docks, parking spaces and delivery zones. The turning of the wheels on asphalt surfaces leads to intense pressure that causes warping. A warped parking lot creates a hazard for people walking. They might not notice the uneven surface. We repair all types of warping damage when we resurface the asphalt in your parking lot.

Faded Lines

Faded lines on your parking lot result from exposure to the intense sunlight that the Miami and Dade County areas experience on a regular basis. Rain and wind also cause the lines to fade. If the lines dividing lanes, parking spaces, delivery and no parking zones have faded, this could lead to confusion in your parking lot. Faded lines for handicap parking spaces or zones could also frustrate your customers or guests. When we perform parking lot resurfacing, we update the lines with the appropriate colors for lanes, spaces, no parking and handicap zones. We seal the surface of the asphalt in order to preserve the brightness of the parking lot’s lines.

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