What’s The Best Type Of Parking Stop For Your Business?

parking lot stop

Whether you have a single row of parking spaces or a separate parking lot for your business, it is important to think about the safety of customers. Also, you must consider the safety of your building. According to recent statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, about 20 percent of all accidents happen in parking lots. Many accidents happen when there are two rows of parking spaces that face each other without barriers. If a car tries to go forward to exit through an empty spot next to a parked car while another vehicle attempts to park, an accident can easily happen.

In single-row spaces that are level with a business, distracted drivers can crash into the storefront. Also, accidents often happen when vehicles go too fast through parking lots. You can reduce this problem with strategically placed speed bumps. If you want to make your lot or storefront safer, parking stops are ideal. There are several types of parking lot stops to consider.

Rubber Parking Bumper

Today, many businesses choose rubber parking bumpers because they are easy to match with asphalt, which most businesses use as a pavement choice to enhance appearance and to save money. Rubber parking bumpers are more sustainable than some options since they are often made from recycled tire rubber. Also, a rubber parking bumper is flexible and is less likely to crack or break. In comparison with concrete stops, they are much lighter. This makes them easier to install. They are still sturdy enough to keep slow-moving vehicles from going too far forward. However, they may not be as easy to see if they lack reflective paint or if the paint fades.

Concrete Wheel Stop

Since concrete car stops can easily be painted, they can be highly visible even if the parking lot is also made of concrete. They contrast with asphalt paving for increased visibility. For parking lots, wheel stops are usually one long piece that reaches both tires. In most cases, a concrete wheel stop includes a durable rebar grid. Concrete wheel stops are also affordable.

Plastic Parking Stop

With this choice, the main disadvantage is that plastic is not as environmentally friendly. However, many companies make solid-body stops from recycled plastic. A benefit of choosing plastic is the lower price. Also, plastic stops are easy enough to install that one person can usually do it alone. They are low-maintenance parking lot accessories, and they are highly resistant to chemicals and adverse weather conditions.

Metal Bollard

Most people choose wheel bumpers or stops rather than thinner vertical parking stops. Metal security bollards are like small and thick poles that protrude from the ground. One advantage of bollards is that they are highly visible and can even be coated with reflective paint for improved night visibility. High-quality steel bollards are more expensive to use in individual parking spots. However, they are ideal for placing on corners or row ends in a parking lot.

Southern Asphalt Engineering Can Help

If you are not sure which type or types of parking lot stops to choose for your business, SAE can help you decide. There are also different types of installation methods to consider. SAE has over two decades of experience in asphalt paving, concrete curbing, brick paving and similar services. The licensed and insured professionals know everything there is to know about designing and maintaining a safer parking lot. SAE takes pride in providing affordable, reliable and quality services, which is what Jose Franco envisioned when he founded the company. If you are in Miami or South Florida and need help with parking stops or parking lot paving, please contact SAE by phone or by submitting a quick online form. SAE will promptly provide you with a free estimate.

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