How Parking Lot Paving Services Can Save Your Parking Lot In South Florida

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Although many businesses plan for landscaping and regular property maintenance tasks, they often overlook the parking lot’s upkeep. Many businesses and apartment complexes have concrete parking lots that are uneven. They may also have cracks and potholes. Filling potholes, repainting lines, and filling cracks with more concrete will not make the parking lot more attractive or durable. When it rains, water collects in the lowest areas of an uneven parking lot. If customers must step in oily puddles to get through the lot, they may get annoyed enough to go somewhere else. Cracks and uneven concrete can also contribute to falls and vehicle accidents in the parking lot. You can save hassle, money, and the integrity of your parking lot with asphalt paving services from Southern Asphalt Engineering.

Why Choose Asphalt to Save Your Parking Lot?

You may have noticed that many hospitals, office buildings and high-end apartments use asphalt in their parking lots, and there are good reasons why they do. In addition to looking more aesthetically appealing, asphalt offers several practical benefits.

Asphalt is easier to maintain. When concrete gets cracked, the work to properly fix it can be extensive. However, most asphalt cracks can be fixed easily as long as you take care of them promptly. Asphalt can also be resealed easily, which adds to its low-maintenance benefits. Also, since many stains in parking lots are from dark-colored liquids and dirt, asphalt is a better choice for concealing or minimizing the appearance of stains.

Asphalt helps reduce noise. The sound of tires crunching gravel or small rocks on concrete can be distracting and annoying over time. When you choose asphalt paving instead of concrete or gravel, you can reduce the noise of traffic by up to 50 percent.

Asphalt may increase the property’s value. You can boost your property’s value by either resurfacing the old asphalt on it or having new asphalt paving applied. If you plan to expand your business and sell your property in the future, asphalt offers greater value, curb appeal and efficiency.

Asphalt is a sustainable solution. This is one of the little-known benefits of asphalt. It can be renewed multiple times and can be recycled and reused when it breaks down. As long as your asphalt is cleaned regularly, resealed as needed and repaired promptly when there are cracks, it is one of the most economical parking lot surface choices for longevity.

Asphalt enhances safety. Asphalt paving is dense and can be textured to create a completely even surface. This means that you can eliminate those problematic puddles or lower areas where water and oil collect. With open-graded asphalt, water drains past the surface or to the sides. Another benefit of this is a reduction of splashes when vehicles drive by people who are walking through the parking lot. The surface texture of asphalt along with its superior drainage ability makes people and vehicles more resistant to slipping and sliding when it rains. Also, reflective paint looks brighter, which means that people have an easier time seeing curbs or speed bumps and are less likely to trip and fall.

The Southern Asphalt Paving Difference

Southern Asphalt Engineering has been in business since 1998 after Jose Franco envisioned a company that could help businesses of all sizes find affordable paving services and solutions. Southern Asphalt paving is known for its longevity and quality since the professionals who apply it have training, experience, and a meticulous work ethic. SAE is fully licensed and insured and maintains a strict commitment to total customer satisfaction. When it comes to asphalt paving services, the company provides restoration, resurfacing and new installation. Call or submit a contact form today for a free estimate.

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