3 Ways To Boost the Value of Your HOA or Commercial Property

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One crucial part of managing and maintaining commercial properties is making sure they are attractive to potential buyers. The standards, regulations, and processes that most HOAs hold can help boost value as they encourage the maintenance of home exteriors. However, as with commercial properties, it is essential to be aware of the practical steps you can take to increase the value of your HOA or property. Here are three ways you can boost the value of your HOA or commercial property. 

1. Maintain Parking Lot Line-Striping 

Pavement markings commonly fade or chip over time, which affects appearance and safety. Repainting parking space lines and markings not only gives a polished look to lots and properties but helps improve safety by providing easily visible directions to drivers and pedestrians alike. This, in turn, can help avoid frustration and confusion for drivers. While some HOAs take care of this without municipal help, it is important to ensure that this aspect of your property is being maintained. Working with skilled contractors such as the experts at Southern Asphalt Engineering can help provide a parking lot plan and design to make the most of the space available and know what to expect for your property’s future maintenance needs.

2. Repair Concrete Sidewalks and Trails

Sidewalks and trails provide a safe place for visitors and residents to walk, run, ride their bicycles, or even roller skate. Therefore, taking steps to repair cracks, crumbles, and other issues is important to avoid safety hazards such as tripping and falling. One step to improving sidewalk and trail appearance and safety is concrete curbing, which can help define property lines and save time on edging and weeding. Other simple measures such as patching and repaving can also help fix sidewalk issues. Patching is used to protect and extend the life of asphalt surfaces. Repaving, can help repair cracked and crumbling sidewalks and trails and provide a durable and reliable weather-resistant surface. These methods are also helpful for repairing damage from tree roots, as these roots can find their way into cracks and enlarge them. Shifting concrete slabs are also a concern, and ensuring that these are fixed is important for safety.

3. Maintain and Improve the Landscaping

Regularly maintaining the landscaping of the entrances to residential communities or exteriors of retail and commercial properties is a great way to build property values. Whether investing in trees, flowers, or other plants, one of the best ways to make the most of your budget is to plan ahead. This planning involves considering important factors such as whether you will be including plants that can live on rainfall or require a sprinkler system, or if you will be using seasonal flowers that require replanting. For commercial lots, ensuring that the parking lot drains properly is an important step to take for multiple reasons. Once proper drainage is set in place, landscaping around any newly constructed runoffs or curbing can be added in. Whatever it may look like, creating a great landscaping plan with the help of a professional can have long-lasting results that will boost property value and make your property more attractive to potential buyers. 

Details are important when it comes to property appearance, and taking available opportunities for improvement has long-term benefits. Ensuring the safety and aesthetic quality of commercial properties through regular maintenance and reparations are great ways to boost the value of a space. It creates a lasting, great first impression for customers and visitors and can make them feel confident about what a business has to offer. For HOA’s, whether it is beautifying landscapes with colorful flowers that will make potential buyers envision themselves living there, or creating a safe walkway for pedestrians to enjoy and feel safe in, taking these practical steps are sure ways to boost property value. 

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