Top Advantages of Working with Medium-Size Asphalt Contracting Firms

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When looking for asphalt contractors to hire, the number of available options can be overwhelming. You may consider a smaller firm if you want to support a mom-and-pop company or a larger one if you think they are more advanced or have additional qualifications. While each may have differentiations, medium-sized firms can often be the best option for your asphalt project. The advantages of working with a medium-size firm are abundant and can help your project be optimized for success.

At most medium-sized asphalt contracting firms, the owner is present every day to oversee and handle operations with their team leads. This provides significant benefits to you because decisions can be made faster and in turn, projects completed sooner. In addition, the owner will be available on a consistent schedule for discussions and questions and to help move the project forward following any changes or decisions.

Another advantage of working with a medium-size asphalt contracting firm is that these firms have access to self-performing, multi-trained contractors. This means there is no need for subcontracting. Since no subcontracting is needed, liability issues that can be a risk are avoided because all of the work is self-performed from within the firm. In addition to liability risks being avoided, a lack of need for subcontracting means you can avoid added expenses and a delay in the completion of their projects. This benefit allows for gained efficiencies with labor and costs, making the project an all-around success.

Working with a medium-size asphalt contracting firm also means you’ll benefit from their access to newer technology. Because medium-sized firms have the ability and capital to acquire newer technology (compared to smaller firms), your projects can benefit from better service and higher quality work. Additionally, medium-sized firms also have a large fleet of trucks available. Access to these means faster completion times for projects.

Medium-sized companies also don’t usually take on government or state work, allowing them to prioritize your project. This helps in avoiding delays and longer lead times. Larger firms do take on the government and state work. These larger projects tend to hold up resources and dramatically extend project lead times from 6-8 months to even years due to the demanding nature of these projects. Due to these differences, medium-sized contractors can start working on your project sooner than later and can complete them just as quickly.

As a medium-size asphalt contracting firm serving Miami-Dade & Broward counties, Southern Asphalt Engineering is prepared to meet all asphalt pavement restoration & maintenance needs for commercial, industrial, municipalities, and professionally managed properties. For over 20 years, we have delivered the highest quality of work, committed to total customer satisfaction.

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