New Miami-Dade County Ordinances: What You Need To Know


As a property owner, manager, or president of an HOA, staying aware of new ordinances within your county are essential for multiple reasons. For one, not maintaining your property in accordance with these ordinances can result in liability and claims. Complying with county ordinances can also help save your community from wrongful death, as these ordinances are updated to emphasize and encourage safety to the community through solutions to potential hazards and dangers. 

In Miami-Dade County, there have been recent updates to the ordinances regarding guardrails for parking lots adjacent to or abutting bodies for water. According to, the ordinance is as follows:

  1. “On all parking lots adjacent to or abutting a canal, a lake or other body of water, a guardrail or other form of traffic barrier tested and approved for crashworthiness by the Federal Highway Administration shall be installed, after obtaining a building permit, to protect any vehicle from entering the canal, lake, or other body of water” (Source:
  2. “This section applies to new construction and to all existing parking lots adjacent to or abutting bodies of water. All existing parking lots, as of the adoption of this ordinance, that are not in compliance with this section, shall have a period of eighteen months from the adoption of this ordinance in which to comply” (Source:

So What Does This Mean For You?

As a property manager or owner, the best way to begin in assuring that your property abides by county laws is to research contractors. Finding a dependable contractor that can help review, guide, and make updates to your property is essential. Check out our article for more helpful information on how to find the perfect contractor. Hiring the best team for your job can ensure that those working on your project are up to date with the latest updates in law and that your project will be optimized for safety and practicality. Southern Asphalt Engineering is the perfect solution for all of your contracting needs. Working with us is the best way to ensure that your project will have optimal results. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the different types of guardrails?

There are various types of guardrails that have varying strengths and differences. These styles are W-Beam guardrails, Three-beam guardrails, and cable barriers. Choosing which guardrail to use for your property depends on the individual scenario and needs. 

What is the difference between a handrail and a guardrail?

While handrails are placed for support while pedestrians are traveling down a ramp or flight of stairs, especially for those with trouble walking, a guardrail has more of a life-saving intention. Guardrails are meant to be barriers between any place where a person may be (walking or driving), and an area of danger, such as a body of water. 

If you’re wondering if your parking lot or roadway is in violation and want a professional to come out and survey your property, contact Southern Asphalt Engineering to schedule a consultation. We’ll help you determine what updates are needed and where your property could use improvement. We’re here to help!

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