Newsletter: Find The Perfect Contractor

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Finding the perfect contractor to complete your project can be a hassle. Hours of research and asking around for recommendations can still lead to hiring a contractor that is unprofessional or goes over budget. Check out these frustrations of hiring the wrong contractor, so you’ll know what to avoid:

Time is money

When working on asphalt projects, occasional setbacks may occur because of harsh weather or other unforeseen circumstances. However, time delays are a problem when they’re recurring issues due to lack of preparation on behalf of your contractor. Construction projects are a prime example of the saying “time is money” because when your parking lot is operating at a limited capacity, fewer customers are entering your business. Every minute the project is over schedule, you lose money and potential customers.

Don’t incur additional expenses because of poor management; hire a contractor that will adhere to your time constraints and budget. When looking for a contractor, always read customer testimonials to find contractors who are organized and have their customers’ budget as a top priority.

Communication is key

One of the most common problems you can encounter when working with a contractor is a lack of communication or accessibility. Trying to coordinate a project when dealing with never-ending automated menu options is frustrating. Miscommunication can also lead to important details falling through, which can cause time delays and added stress.

Clear communication is the only way to complete a project with no mishaps. That’s why at Southern Asphalt Engineering, you’re always put in touch with a superintendent or project manager on our team who can answer your questions or concerns. Contractors are hired to make asphalt, paving, or restoration projects easier, so if they don’t answer your calls, the partnership is not worth it.

Look for contractors who establish open and clear communication channels in the discovery phase of a project. This way, you’ll know they will be available and responsive throughout the entire project.

Certified Professionals

The most important advice when hiring a contractor is to make sure they are qualified and experienced. Not only do they need good recommendations, but they also need to be licensed and insured. You wouldn’t hire anything less than a bar-certified lawyer to handle your legal cases, so make sure your contractor is qualified for the job. Besides frustrations, you can also incur additional fees for uninsured contractors or the stress of redoing projects to meet the proper codes.

Remember to look for a contractor whose work is ADA compliant to make your property accessible and avoid costly fines or lawsuits. Southern Asphalt Engineering always makes sure every project we are a part of is ADA compliant.

Don’t make these same mistakes. Hire a contractor with years of experience and a proven record filled with successful projects and satisfied customers. Call Southern Asphalt Engineering (305-667-8390) and avoid all the frustrations of hiring the wrong contractor.

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