5 Outdoor Activities For the Holiday Season

holiday activities

This holiday season, as we spend time with friends and family, get inspired by the holiday cheer around our community in South Florida. Here are 5 outdoor activities you and your loved ones can enjoy.

  1. Walk around different neighborhoods to look at lights. Here in South Florida, there are plenty of locations that get festive with their decorations. Check out this list of some of the best spots to see Christmas lights this holiday season. 
  2. Go caroling with a group of friends. Pick your favorite holiday songs, bring together a few friends, and get ready to sing! Whether it’s bringing holiday cheer to those in your very own neighborhood or traveling elsewhere, you’ll have a great time making people’s days with some musical fun. 
  3. Have a holiday campfire (in your fire pit). One way to make the most of this holiday season is to gather up some firewood and the ones you love to spend time around a bonfire. This is a great time to share stories, make s’mores, and have some hot chocolate. (Tip: Drop a candy cane into your cup of hot chocolate for some extra holiday sweetness.)
  4. Make a holiday wreath. Walking around your neighborhood to collect materials like pinecones, leaves or flowers can make this fun craft an adventure. Looking for wreath decorating ideas? Here’s some holiday wreath inspiration.
  5. Create an ornament from nature. Looking to do some outdoor scavenging? Make the most of it by using what you find to make a star, tree, or snowflake. You can keep things simple with this project by using items found right in your backyard.

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