What’s the Difference Between Asphalt Milling and Resurfacing?

asphalt resurfacing

Learning the terms of asphalt paving can be tricky. However, it is essential for business owners and property managers to be aware of its main components. Many asphalt paving processes are similar but have important differentiations. For example, how are asphalt milling and resurfacing different? While they are both methods of renewing pavement, they are used in separate scenarios and involve their own unique steps. In this post, we’ll discuss what makes milling and resurfacing different. 

Milling can be described as a process of removing an existing surface through a grinding process to a specified depth. This is typically a way of preparing for the paving process for the re-installation of new hot-mix asphalt material. It is essentially a stripping process of making the area being worked on lower than the surrounding areas so that new asphalt can be laid. 

Resurfacing can be described as replacing the top layer of asphalt with a fresh layer to help extend the lifespan of your pavement. Resurfacing can extend the lifespan of asphalt another eight to 15 years. Unlike milling, resurfacing is only an option when the pavement’s foundation is solid and undamaged. Additionally, if the asphalt requires milling, the process is considered resurfacing. 

Resurfacing involves a multi-step process that begins with a tack coat being applied. This tack coat acts as a binding agent between the old surface and the new, ensuring that the new surface will properly stick and create a secured and long-lasting surface. Next, the new surface is applied by paving equipment. This surface must be smooth, without any bumps or faults. This is called the smoothing process. 

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