What HOAs Need To Know About Asphalt Paving In South Florida

HOA Paving Contractor

As an HOA board member, there is a lot to consider regarding the property, community spaces, parking lots, etc. Asphalt paving for HOAs is often needed every couple of years, but there are some compliance and ground rules you should know about before signing on for any work to be done. You should also understand the benefits of asphalt installation and repair. Let’s look at what you need to know about asphalt services for HOAs.

Sealcoating Benefits

After the asphalt has been installed, there’s a short period that you can wait before sealcoating is necessary. This process is essential maintenance for your asphalt, so it will last longer, look nice, and protect your investment. First, ensure the asphalt is adequately cured, and then the asphalt contractor can apply sealant. Doing this every 3-4 years will help keep the asphalt looking pristine, and your HOA won’t have to worry about completely replacing the asphalt for several years.

Pavement Striping

A fresh coat of asphalt is beautiful when it’s complete, but subsequent steps need to take place before the job is officially done. For example, pavement striping is used to create parking spots, direct traffic flow in a given area, and much more. This work should be done with great precision for functionality and aesthetics. Let your experienced contractor take care of this for you, and you can have them come back periodically to re-stripe the lines when they start to fade or you’ve had repair work done.

Asphalt Repairs

The time may come when asphalt repairs are needed. People may be complaining of cracks or potholes in the road. Warping and broken edges are other common issues. Think of this work as maintenance for your asphalt’s long-term protection. If you’re working with asphalt contractors regularly, they can help you develop a plan of action for your asphalt concerns moving forward. The goal is to keep the neighborhood safe and attractive.

Make sure you’re keeping your residents aware of any work that needs to be done. Of course, they should know that money is being taken out of the HOA account for this purpose, but it’s also polite to let everyone know when workers will be in the area, making noise and potentially disrupting traffic flow. For best results, plan ahead and budget for this property maintenance.

ADA Compliance

This compliance on behalf of the ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Whatever work is done in your neighborhood, you need to ensure that ADA rules are followed. If you don’t follow these guidelines, your HOA could end up being responsible for several hefty fines. Inquire with your contractor to determine the requirements for things like curb height, parking, and sidewalk design. You also need to address issues like uneven surfaces and large holes that could be dangerous for someone in a wheelchair or walker. This compliance helps you avoid being liable for someone becoming injured.

What to Look for in an Asphalt Company

You must hire a reputable asphalt company that can provide you with all the services and professionalism you deserve. Here are some of the qualities that you’ll want to take keep an eye out for:


Having completed multiple asphalt projects for different clients and needs provides a wealth of knowledge that can help with your specific asphalt needs. Don’t forget to ask for references and photos of the completed project if possible.

Good Communication Skills

Many contractors out there specialize in asphalt services for HOAs that will take on a job but don’t properly communicate with their clients. You want to know when your HOA’s project will be started, its expected completion date, and everything that’s going on within your boundaries. You can usually get a good idea of a contractor’s communication skills when you first speak with them.


Experience isn’t necessarily the same thing as knowledge regarding asphalt contractors. While a company may have secured many jobs over the years, they’re not guaranteed to know much about ADA rules, repair processes, and asphalt paving for HOAs. Whatever your specific need is, communicate this to a potential contractor to see what they know. Then, you should feel confident they’re knowledgeable enough to complete your job with excellent results.

If you are part of an HOA and need assistance with your asphalt needs, contact Southern Asphalt Engineering. We can help repair your parking lots, roads, and entryways. We also offer asphalt paving for HOAs, striping, and much more. We provide turn-key solutions with design, build, and management of the entire project. We’ve also become a go-to company for asphalt services for HOAs, Condominiums, Subdivisions, property managers, and associations in South Florida.

Since 1998, the vision of this company has always been to provide customers with a one-stop source for affordable and professional asphalt pavement, restoration, and maintenance services from a commercial, industrial, municipality, and professionally managed property standpoint. So contact us today if your HOA is looking to take charge of your neighborhood and you’re in the Miami area.

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