When Should I Restripe My Parking Lot in Florida?

Restripe parking lot

Parking lot line restriping is something businesses and various commercial properties must complete periodically. Professional parking lot striping services ensure crisp, clean, and visible lines that will enhance the overall safety of an area while also increasing aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re trying to make a great first impression on someone coming to your parking lot and location or want to keep traffic flow moving in the right direction, parking lot restriping in Florida is essential. A professional road marking paint company can also complete the work according to any legal requirements that are in place. Wondering when you should restripe your parking lot in Florida? Here are some things to take into consideration.

How Often Should I Restripe My Parking Lot?

You should keep an eye out for any immediate signs that your parking lot needs to be restriped, such as faded lines that are difficult to see. However, this process should generally be completed every 2-3 years. This will provide a parking lot that looks nice while also reducing any legal liability that you may have in the instance of an accident. 

Repairing Your Parking Lot before Restriping

Before having stripes repainted in your parking lot, you should look around to assess your lot. There may be other repairs that need to be completed before you restripe. This can include filling potholes, sealing up cracks, or tending to broken curbing. Parking lot striping is usually done at the end of a project as the final piece of the puzzle. 

Thermoplastic Road Paint

Thermoplastic paint is the type of paint product that should be used for your restriping project. It’s much more complex and more durable than traditional paint, even when exposed to the sun’s heat. Thermoplastic paint is water-based paint made from thermoplastic and acrylic resin and is frequently used for restriping in parking lots and highways. It can be driven over many times and holds up well to all kinds of weather conditions. The goal is to have the paint applied the first time correctly, but thermoplastic road marking paint can actually be removed using a heat gun if changes need to be made later on. Thermoplastic paint can actually last up to 4-5 years in the right conditions. 

How Fast Does the Paint Dry?

Proper application of road restriping paint will keep it looking nice until the next time you need to have it reapplied. Once it has been melted and applied, it will cure rather quickly. In most cases, it can be driven over in just about 30 minutes without the paint coming up onto people’s tires. 

ADA Compliance Rules to Prevent Future Violations

You have some freedom when it comes to parking lot restriping in Florida, but specific ADA compliance rules need to be followed. You are required to have a certain amount of handicap spots based on the size of your lot. These spaces must be at least eight feet wide and include an access aisle. If you have multiple handicapped spaces in a row, they cannot share the same access aisle. 

The Impact Restriping Has on a Business or Community

While it might not seem like parking lot striping is a big deal and can go neglected for several years, you may not realize how important this task is. It’s imperative to keep your property as neat and updated as possible. You also want to ensure that these lines are clear and visible to anyone coming through the area. This will prevent accidents and keep everyone safe whether they are also in cars or they are traveling through your lot on foot. 

Hiring a Professional for Parking Lot Restriping

If you are interested in having your parking lot in Florida restriped, reach out to our team here at Southern Asphalt Engineering. We offer various services to South Florida, including restriping, repairing your parking lot, installing new lots, and more. We are centrally located in Miami and have easy access to service all of South Florida. We perform each job with extreme precision and care so you get the best results possible.

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